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Miralash – effective conditioner for brittle and brittle eyelashes

Your eyelashes do not impress with your view? They often fall out? Or maybe they are not lush enough? Miralash is a eyelash serum that will face this problem.



Miralash eyelash serum is a particularly developed formula of rich nutrients that support eyelashes, definitely thicken them and lengthen them, making them a real decoration of every eye. It is a medicine that guarantees a long and impressive eyelash with strong onions that do not fly out during more intense make-up. Nutrient can be used independently of other cosmetics, because it does not involve any unplanned reactions. At the same time, there were no side effects from the use of Miralash eyelash serum. The efficacy of the agent was ensured by clinical trials on a group of over a hundred women and thanks to numerous dermatological experiments in which no harmful effects on the eyelid durability were noticed. Miralash is a conditioner that helps restore the eyelashes natural vitality, resistance and durability after prolonged use of false eyelashes or strong make-up, which could weaken their biological structure.
Applying this conditioner, you can extend eyelashes by up to 50%, rebuild their initial naturalness and make them thicker. Do not worry about side effects or irritation of the skin around your eyes. Miralash eyelash serum is an article of extremely strong and particularly strong impact tested for many different types and proven hundreds of satisfied clients. One bottle is enough for 4-5 months of daily use, which makes this product one of the most efficient on the market.

Expert woman

As a make-up artist, I know very well how many problems can cause eyelashes that are very difficult to master. Even perfect make-up will turn out to be ineffective if your eyelashes are not thick, long and healthy. Therefore, to our clients who are going through a lot of problems with them, I recommend using a Miralash eyelash serum that gives them a new shine. Nutrient is applied every day, that's why eyelashes receive every day the necessary amount of vitamins and minerals that make them flexible and definitely thicken and lengthen them. The first results of the use of this cosmetic I noticed in my clients even after two weeks.
Because it is a product used close to the eyes, I looked carefully at all contraindications to its use, allergy or sensitization and it turned out that the latter is not present at all. And the only factors that exclude the use of Miralash is chemotherapy and pregnancy. This is particularly surprising, because no other product on the market is as effective and additionally retains such a huge degree of protection. As a professional, I want to draw attention to the incredibly valuable and varied composition of the preparation made on the basis of water and glycerol. Thanks to this eyelashes are constantly moistened in a great way and do not dry out or combine with each other, thus spoiling the whole amazing result. Natural extracts from nettle and also ginseng enrich the whole chemical richness of the nutrient. I can recommend it with a clear conscience to all women who experience ailments associated with the appearance of their eyelashes and wish to change them in an expressive and effective way. Miralash eyelash serum helps you get quick results after one full therapy, and you can also use it with other cosmetics and applied makeup.

Customers opinion

Daria 27 years old

Miralash eyelash serum is number one in my home and among colleagues at work. There is not a co-worker who does not use it.

Martyna, 22 years old

I did not believe anything could help me with my eyelashes. But it turned out that Miralash works even on exceptionally bad cases.

Basia 34 years old

Eyelashes are thick, extremely thick and do not fall out as much as in the past.

Felicja 40 years old

After 30, my lashes lost their form, they often fell out and broke. Then, thanks to Miralash, I was able to restore their natural strength.


- Trupeptide biotinol
- Glycerin
- Propylene glycol