Hair Care Panda – Take care of your hair with a modern and effective supplement

Hair Care Panda Jelly is a dietary supplement designed for everyday use to support the improvement of the condition of any type of hair. A measure beneficial to vegans.



Hair gel vitamins adequate for vegans are a response to the needs of our consumers, to ensure effectiveness, convenience and delicious taste in an affordable form for both vegetarians and vegans. Each nutrient in the preparation covers at the recommended dose to consume 100% or more of its general needs. The elements included in the formula greatly affect any type of hair: damaged by various types of treatments, destroyed by pregnancies, devoid of energy, damaged by the effects of poor diet and many other circumstances. Hair Care Panda is an extremely pleasant way to take care of your hair, because it’s enough to consume only two jelly beans after a meal! Biotin included in the supplement allows to maintain healthy hair and skin, supports the proper functioning of the nervous system, stimulates the possibility of mental work, indicated in the moments of prolonged weakness and during convalescence after nervous breakdowns. Zinc is responsible for maintaining a proper acid-base balance, proper testosterone, general metabolic behavior in the right form! Selenium allows to maintain healthy hair and nails, supports the proper functioning of the immune system and thyroid, contributes to the proper course of spermatogenesis. Remember to not exceed the recommended dose to take during the day. The dietary supplement can not be used as a substitute for a varied diet or an energetic lifestyle.

Expert’s opinion:

I am a trichologist with over 30 years of experience. In my career, I have met with various hair related defects and each should be dealt with with great care. Recently, a hair care supplement Panda came into my hands, which was supposed to have an extraordinary effect on the condition and general appearance of our hair. Originally, I was suspicious about this subject, because the form in which we are offered this supplement, namely jelly, made me laugh and thought that this is just another way to draw the attention of users and simply “earn”. It did not give me peace of mind, however, that he gets numerous, praiseworthy opinions and almost every person I talked to about Hair Care Panda is delighted with the results of using! I was intrigued and I decided to check the effects of its impact and see the composition in detail! To my surprise, the results are truly spectacular and my conviction is thanks to the perfectly selected and properly calculated elements! From my observations, it appears that the initial positive results are noticeable after only 1-2 weeks of use. Stage hair becomes more and more durable, healthier, thicker in construction and less and less fall out. Similar information also provides us with the manufacturer, so I can testify to their truth! If we have a problem with your hair, I always recommend consulting a specialist, but using this supplement will certainly not hurt us, and trust me that it can work wonders! With a clear conscience recommend this measure to anyone in need!

Customers opinion :

Arek 28 years old,
Hair problems are family problems. Thanks to Hair Care Panda, my tired hair got shiny!
Jarek 56 years old,
Already as a minor, I knew that in the future I would have huge problems! Hair Care Panda came to the rescue.
Halina, 69 years old,
I have always taken great care of my own hair, but with the course of the years they lost their glow. My friend recommended me Hair Care Panda and I am eternally grateful to her!
Elżbieta, 19 years old,
I envied my friends with thick, beautiful hair … Now they can envy me!


– Biotin
– Vitamin A
– Vitamin E
– Zinc
– Selenium