Royal Black Mask – Cleansing and cleansing face mask

Take care of proper care of your own complexion. Royal Black Mask is a cleansing mask that every lady should have.



A healthy, pleasant and fresh complexion is the desire of women all over the world, to which they go with the help of various cosmetics, creams and ointments. However, when all these tubes, boxes and boxes replace with one cosmetic that will take care of proper and specialized facial skin care? The Royal Black Mask cleansing mask is a reaction to voices from women of all ages who are looking for an efficient and beneficial drug, while simple in application. Thanks to the use of the latest methods and perfectly selected factors, the purification process starts after the first application of the cosmetic, and the results are visible even after one day!

Royal Black Mask is a face care mask that should always be on hand to perfectly look after its healthy appearance and smooth structure. Thanks to the daily care – and you only need to apply the mask just three times a week – you can achieve the result of clean, fresh and firm skin that is delicate to the touch. Its unquestionable advantage is that it can be used together with other skin care cosmetics without any obstacles or contraindications. Royal Black Mask does not cause any irritation and does not have an allergic effect, therefore it is safe for every skin.

Expert opinion

Dermatological problems concerning the skin of the face have statistically eighty percent of women and seventy percent of men. It is a huge mass of people who use cosmetics available on the market to mask these imperfections. As a beautician and, above all, as a woman, I can recommend Royal Black Mask. It is a face cleansing mask that literally extracts the blackheads, blackheads or blemishes from the top coat skin. The nursing mask also allows you to properly and properly care for the skin’s condition, in particular to moisturize and refresh it, blocking the blackheads from re-emerging. I recommend the Royal Black Mask as a beautician with many years of experience, who actually tested a lot of different cosmetics with larger and smaller effects. This cleansing mask has proven itself in the case of skin of various types, ranging from wrinkled wrinkles, through dry and exfoliated, to extremely neglected. A few-week treatment and application of a cleansing mask only three times a week made it possible to achieve amazing results.

Looking closely at the composition of the Royal Black Mask cleansing mask, I have observed its unusual character. It is a combination of bamboo charcoal, kaolin and specially prepared Neotivin antioxidants. These ingredients harmonize well with each other: carbon guarantees care and antibacterial properties, protecting the skin against the transmission of dermatological defects. Kaolin in turn reduces the secretion of sebum from skin tissues and improves blood circulation in its internal layers. Antioxidants, on the other hand, regenerate, cleanse the skin of toxins and have a large share in inhibiting the aging process of the skin. As a beautician, I can say one thing: the Royal Black Mask cleansing face is a product that I recommend with a clear conscience.

Customers opinion

Lucyna, 47 years old

A natural way to clean the face. The mask application is extremely simple and the results are instant.

Julia 25 years old

A facial cleansing mask helped me restore her teenage appearance. Zero blackheads, zero blackheads, no hassles with appearance!

Ewelina, 33 years old

I have recommended the Royal Black Mask for a long time to my friends. This is a unique face mask.

Marta 38 years old

I am completely satisfied with the results. My skin is cleansed and extremely firm, and at first glance you can see its delicate structure.

Patrycja, 26 years old

I did not believe in the operation of Royal Black Mask until I used this mask for the first time. Now I use it systematically.


– Bamboo charcoal

– Kaolin

– Neovitin antioxidants